Take the road less traveled.

  • Lifestyle- Great for everyday, city, off-road or jogging (with front wheel locked). Most versatile Bumbleride model.
  • Infant Ready- Connect the footrest fabric flaps and recline the backrest to create a lie-flat infant bed, safe for newborns.
  • Adjustable Footrest – Adjust the footrest as your child grows, keeping them comfortable no matter the adventure.
  • Wheels- 12″ air filled wheels for every day adventures (pump included).
  • Great All Purpose Stroller With Lots Of Options- Stroller drives really well both in small spaces as well as for jogging with the front wheel locked. We love the bassinet and car seat attachments, and for our five-year old, the ride-on board is just perfect. Only stroller we will ever need for our second child, and keeping the first child happy at the same time. Beautiful materials and well thought out – highly recommended.“- Jennifer

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Keep going strong.

  • Lifestyle- purpose-built for running yet compact enough for your everyday, city or only stroller.
  • Speed 3 Steering- RUN.JOG.WALK. Choose your pace with full lock (running/ rough terrain), partial swivel (jogging/ trail) or full 360 degree swivel (city/ everyday).
  • Reflective accents and logo- Added visibility when running, jogging or walking.
  • Wheels- 16″ air-filled rear wheels and bell to alert those ahead of you (pump included).
  • A True Running Pram- I’ve been a Bumbleride Indie user for 2 years now… I thought I’d give the Speed a go, as it has the extra feature of a 30 degrees front wheel locking position, something I believed would help with my local neighborhood runs. I have just come back from my first run with the Speed and I am thrilled with its performance! I left the front wheel in the 30 degree locked position…”– Julie

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At Bumbleride, we stand behind our strollers and accessories 100%.

If purchased from an authorised retailer, your Bumbleride stroller frame comes with a 3 year warranty and a lifetime of friendly customer service to ensure that you will love your Bumbleride for years to come.

The fabric components, tires and inner tubes are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost.

The warranty covers consumers who have purchased their Bumbleride within the United Kingdom. International shipping for any replacement part or repair is to be covered by the consumer. The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, neglect, airline damage, accidents, lack of maintenance or damage caused by parts not manufactured by Bumbleride. This warranty covers Bumbleride Products purchased from authorised retailers only. A list of authorised reatilers can be found here.

Costs associated with shipping and handling are the responsibility of the customer. Upon receipt of the product, Bumbleride (Bebe Brands) will arrange for inspection of the item, check to see if the problem is due to defective parts or defective workmanship on behalf of Bumbleride. Bumbleride will repair or replace the product at Bumbleride’s option. If the product is not covered under the original warranty, the customer will be responsible for all expenses associated with the service provided.

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UK Bumbleride products are fire retardant as required by law.

The serial number and DOM of your Bumbleride is located on a white, rectangular sticker affixed to the frame. You will notice a series of numbers on this sticker. The serial number is the number that begins with “S”. The Date of Manufacture will also be located on this sticker.

Yes! The Bumbleride Indie Twin can accommodate two Maxi Cosi Mico or Cybex Aton infant seats with purchase of separate upper and lower adapters featuring stadium style seating.

Other compatible infant seats can only be used one at a time. You can purchase your Maxi Cosi/Cybex adapters here. For single infant seat use with the Maxi Cosi Mico, Maxi Cosi Prezi or Cybex Aton, we recommend purchasing the lower adapter.

Please contact us using the contact page to enquire about Bumbleride replacement parts.

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First, remove the stem cap from inner tube. Next, pinch the tire with one hand behind the stem to push the stem outward. With your other hand, place the head of the pump on the stem as much as possible. Next,  lightly bend the stem away from the spokes while keeping the pump on so the lever on the pump can be lifted. This will create an air lock. Pump until the tire is quite firm to the squeeze but not basketball/ rock hard. If you don’t hear and feel air going in the tire, try re-attaching. We recommend 25-30 psi not the 35 psi on the sidewall of tire. For further assistance please contact your local Bumbleride authorised retailer or visit our contact us page.

Please remember that if you are jogging with your stroller the front wheel/s need to be locked. If you are going at a fast pace with the front wheels unlocked the front of the stroller will vibrate.

While it’s possible there are other reasons the front wheel might shake it’s most often related to a loose front fork. You can easily tighten the front fork from home:

Click for instructional video

Step one:
Locate the Allen key (1/16 inch) that came with the stroller to remove the screws on the hexagon shaped cap

Step two:
Once you have removed the cap and small screws you will see a bolt with a nut attached on top. Use an 18 mm socket wrench to tighten the fork nut.

** This will take some adjusting- if you tighten it too much the wheel may be hard to turn but if it is too loose then the wheel will shake. You will need to adjust it and push the stroller a few times to get it right.

** When you are done adjusting the fork and are putting the hexagon shaped cap back on the stroller please do not tighten the small screws too tight. You may need to access this part again and tightening the screws too much can result in stripping them making it impossible to access the fork nut.

All Bumbleride fabric is composed of a breathable nylon blend for long lasting, color-safe wear. The seat fabric is removable and machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent (Instructions for seat fabric removal below). For tough spots we recommend pre-treating with Oxiclean or another bleach alternative. For 2015 models and older, due to the canopy’s frame construction, we recommend that the canopy is spot washed. 2016/2017 model canopy fabric can be removed and machine washed using same instructions as the seat fabric. Please note that all Bumbleride fabric should be air or line dried. Do not machine dry any Bumbleride fabric.

Seat Removal Instructions: To undo the backrest adjuster buckle/s, make sure child is out and away from stroller, undo the side snaps of the seat fabric near the adjuster belt. Once the strap and buckle is exposed, adjust the backrest flat to create slack in the belt. Next, turn the strap sideways within the small metal buckle and thread out of the small opening. To reattach, re-thread strap through backrest, through seat fabric tab, back around handle, and thread back through buckle. For further assistance please contact your local Bumbleride authorised retailer or visit our contact us page.

Watch this video for help in removing your Indie or Indie Twin seat fabrics. Follow reverse order to re-attach.